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Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter | Newport 2.5


KIJ GOLFOWY Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter | Newport 2.5



469,00 €
399,00 € Zniżka 70,00 €


Kije golfowe Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter | Newport 2.5

New small slant neck enhances blade’s view at address with tungsten sole weights for a larger sweet spot and a soft tri-sole for reliable setup with higher toe flow

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Scotty Cameron Putters Specifications

Special SelectRH/LHLengths    LoftLieNeckToe FlowOffsetStock Grip
Newport RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Plumbing Medium Full Shaft Pistolini Plus
Newport 2 RH/LH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Plumbing Medium Full Shaft Pistolini Plus
Newport 2.5 RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Slantback Near Maximum 3/4 Shaft Pistolini Plus
Squareback 2 RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Plumbing Medium Full Shaft Pistolini Plus
Fastback 1.5 RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Small Slant Near Maximum 3/4 Shaft Pistolini Plus
Del Mar RH/LH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Flow Maximum 3/4 Shaft Pistolini Plus
Flowback 5 RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Mid Bend Medium Full Shaft Pistolini Plus
Flowback 5.5 RH 33", 34", 35" 3.5° 70° Slantback Near Maximum 3/4 Shaft Pistolini Plus

With its precision milled mechanical contours featuring squared-off alignment cues, the Special Select Newport 2.5 introduces a new slant neck uniquely shaped and configured to offer one shaft of offset with a view-enhancing setup that provides higher toe flow, while incorporating the line’s new tungsten sole weights for a larger sweet spot and soft tri-sole milling for reliable setup.



A re-shaped and re-engineered small slant neck lays back slightly and employs a seamless shaft-over setup for an uninterrupted view of the ball from address for a toe flow-promoting configuration.



Tour-inspired soft tri-sole design provides the player with a self-soling feature at address for proper setup and a stable, aesthetically pleasing view of the topline from the moment the putter is placed on the green. 

There’s nothing quite as pure as a solid milled putter. With the 2020 Special Select line, Titleist Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron unveils eight new models—blades and mid-mallets— that marry timeless design with modern craftsmanship and materials chosen to deliver pure performance. With familiar—but completely reworked—shapes, revamped and refined setups, each Special Select model is designed, milled and built in the United States based on a quarter century of legendary craftsmanship.


Inspired by the players on the worldwide professional golf tours and the putters he’s crafted for them, Scotty focused on sleeker putter head profiles for Special Select, thinner and flatter toplines, refined neck configurations, soft tri-soles and milled solid 303 stainless steel heads and faces favored by the pros. With the return of his refined Del Mar, new GOLO-inspired Flowback 5 and 5.5 putters and updated Fastback and Squareback models, Special Select ushers in a new era of blade and mid-mallet setups for every stroke style.



Returning to the roots of sound and feel, each Special Select model has been designed and milled in the United States with a solid, mid-milled 303 stainless steel face for legendary performance and playability with consistent sound and soft feel across the putter face. 



Scotty’s new performance balanced weighting system expands on his use of interchangeable, customizable sole weights to tune the performance and feel of putters at all lengths. By directing more weight to the heel and toe, the sweet spot is enlarged and stability is enhanced back and through the stroke without compromising feel or each model’s unique toe flow properties. The blades—Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5—come equipped with new tungsten sole weights, which allow for ultra-sleek, tour validated shapes with larger sweet spots, while the mid-mallets—Del Mar, Fastback 1.5, Squareback 2, Flowback 5 and Flowback 5.5—employ stainless steel sole weights for optimal balance and weight distribution for today’s players.



The Special Select line benefits from an intense and deliberate study in refined neck configurations. From the precise new onset-with-offset positioning of Scotty’s plumbing neck to the refined, softened chamfer angles and radius and dimensional changes, every aspect of every 2020 Special Select neck style has been revamped. The Newport 2.5 and Fastback 1.5 both feature a refined small slant neck, while toe flow proponents will enjoy the Flowback 5.5’s new slant-back neck, not to mention the shaft-over setup of the Flowback 5 promoting less toe flow and more stabilty. 




Each 2020 Special Select putter is accessorized with Scotty’s new Pistolini Plus grip that marries the tour preferred Pistolini shape with a slightly built up lower hand profile. This new offering in cement gray with distinctive white lettering complements an elegantly embroidered, abrasion-resistant headcover with superior wear characteristics that will protect the putter head for years to come. 

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